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Dr. Jeffrey E. Weber

March 18, 2020

I have utilized Joe's talents twice...This time I moved my office to a new location after 41 years.
I am exceptionally pleased with his ability to visualize and produce a product that has met all my expectations..Everything from style and design to financial obligation...The original presentation is always a sign of great talent.
I have absolutely no reservations in making a recommendation for this designer. He is a 10/10


John L - Pharmacy

May 21, 2018

We worked with Joe on a pharmacy project. He was extremely detailed, and thoughtful, and followed through on all the items he was responsible for. This company has been amazing to work with. The attention to the minor details stood out to me. It shows that he believes in the quality of his work and holds himself accountable for the high expectations he puts on himself. I will continue to work with him on other projects and would recommend him to all businesses

Abe Ackerman

anuary 17, 2019

Having received a cold email advertising his company I was skeptical at first. I liked his designs so I set up an appt to meet with him. After two more appointments, I felt Comfortable enough to hire Joe for the job that I wanted to have done. It was an excellent decision on my part he did a full renovation on all the common areas of a four-story residential building He is a perfectionist and you can see it in his work. His men showed up every day to work and it was really a pleasure to work with him and his people. They were clean fast and very responsive. The job came out beautiful and I would definitely recommend Joe and his co The Prestige Skyline for any construction job. Top quality work!!
Abe Ackerman


Rob from Nubenco

May 09, 2017

Our office was "surgical" in look and design. Joe came in and his concept art for what the office could be was breathtaking.

After it was all done, with wood and stone accents, high-tech-looking LED lighting, and attention to detail was well worth it. Such a difference from an employee's point of view. I know who I'll call if I ever want to do something special for my place. :)

Dave from Domes Management

February 02, 2017

I recently engaged the services of The Prestige Skyline as a designer for some renovation works at our properties. 
The completed designs were of a very high standard and I am pleased to recommend The Prestige Skyline for you.

 I worked directly with Joe on the project, and with his team have been a pleasure to deal with. 
I was struck by their wide knowledge of design and architecture, and by their ability to interpret our ideas and tastes into finished drawings. 


The Prestige Skyline was always open to suggestions and was helpful throughout the process. 
The drawings were completed on time and on budget.
I would have no hesitation in using their services again in the future.


Yours Truly,



Abe Friedman

September 14, 2016

t was not the first Building we are developing and it's not the first Designer we have used.. but it's really the first hit of a design! it's done by .... Joe Prestige 
... here you have some pictures:


... its a designer you can really trust to get you the unique design you are looking for!! see the pictures from the Building before and after and you will get my point..


March 08, 2017

I'm so happy that we chose The Prestige Skyline for designing our apartment.
The result we received is so amazing, and the price was also very fair
I can't be happier.

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